YUKA 1500: 3D Vision Robot Lawn Sweeping Mower

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Model: YUKA 1500
Sweeper Kit: None
  • Self-emptying Tech for up to 50 Sweeping Zones
  • No Perimeter Wire for Lawns up to 0.37 acre
  • 3D Vision Navigation & Mow Under Trees
  • Multi-zone Management for up to 10 Mowing Zones
  • Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance for Recognizing 100+ Objects
  • Efficient Carpet-Like Cutting
  • Intelligent Security and GPS Tracking
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Lawn Printing Technology

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Introducing YUKA


Yard Care Robotic Solution


Freshly Carpet-like Cut


Hands-free Lawn Maintenance

2-in-1: Meet Self-empty Lawn Sweeping Mower

First Self-emptying Lawn Sweeping Mower

YUKA provides comprehensive lawn care, seamlessly transitioning from mowing to leaf clearing. With the quick attached lawn sweeper kit, YUKA effortlessly tackles mulched leaves, debris, grass clippings, weeds,and acorns and twigs up to 1.37 in. —whether it's before, during, or after mowing.

Automatic Emptying at Designated Points

Customize up to 100 spots through the app. YUKA navigates to the nearest one, handles leaf basket dumping, and resumes tasks for uninterrupted care. Wave goodbye to dozens of manual emptying, saving you even more hours.

Setup in 18 mins with No Perimeter Wire

3D Vision Fusion

Control YUKA like an RC car, setting virtual boundaries effortlessly for your lawn. YUKA rapidly maps your entire yard using our state-of-the-art 3D Vision & RTK Fusion-mapping System. This guarantees unparalleled real-time environmental awareness, ensuring precise mapping, localization, navigation, and steadfast adherence.

Setup time YUKA Series
18 min
Setup time Other Robot Mower
180 min

Intelligent Multi-zone Management

Whether you're away or at home, effortlessly manage your lawn with the mammotion app,and let YUKA handle it all.

  • Set mowing schedules and mow & sweep modes for each zone.
  • Create no-go zones for areas that do not require mowing, like regular plant beds, children's playgrounds, or pools. Then YUKA will strictly avoid them.

No Corner Missed with 3D Vision Fusion Mapping System

Consistent Precision Even Under Trees

Utilizing the 3D vision fusion position and navigation system, YUKA guarantees smooth navigation and uninterrupted performance even in GPS-deprived environments, such as areas under trees, near buildings, and along narrow fences.

Flawless Navigation on Any Challenging Lawn

Self-Cleaning Camera

3D Vision Camera with Integrated Dirt Sensing and Self-Cleaning Mechanism for Optimal Performance

Taking Mowing Seriously: Every Cut Matters

Carpet-like Lawn

YUKA is designed for precision lawn management, taking into account the diversity and complexity of outdoor lawns. With its advanced structure and algorithmic design, YUKA achieves a truly carpet-like mowing effect.

Terrain Floating Cutting Disc

Guarantee a uniform cutting height for a carpet-like appearance and preventing grass scalping.

Intelligent Route Planning

Compared to conventional robotic mowers, YUKA's planned route algorithms eliminate repetitive movements, ensuring high efficiency and impressive results.
Planned mowing modes such as Parallel, Checkerboard, and Diamond Grid, are available to choose from on the Mammotion App.

Anti-clogging Cutting Disc

The robust cutting disc motor of YUKA enhances efficiency and ensures optimal cutting performance, even in tackling tall, thick, and wet grass. The wide blade disc space design prevents grass clippings from jamming the cutting disc, reducing the frequency of manual clearing.

Unparalleled Cutting Height Range to Meet All Preferences

YUKA caters to diverse preferences, offering an unprecedented range of cutting heights. Whether you prefer a pristine low-cut lawn or tall grass, YUKA ensures your specific needs are met.

Unleash Lawn Artistry with Lawn Printing Technology

YUKA turns your lawn into an artistic canvas, merging your personal style and family events with customizable mowing designs, logos, emblems, and messages through the Mammotion App.

Employing AI algorithms to adjust the mowing route, cutting height, and angle, YUKA brings your selected shapes to life.

Lawn Care Made Effortless like Never Before

Voice & App Control

Transform lawn care into a breeze with YUKA's voice control compatibility. Enlist Alexa or Google Home to seamlessly command YUKA, effortlessly integrating lawn maintenance into your smart yard routine.

Family First: Leave the Lawn to YUKA

Experience leisure-filled weekends with your loved ones as YUKA takes care of mowing and leaf clearing. Unlike traditional gas-powered mowers, YUKA offers a clean, emission-free solution, promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

More Than Safety

Dynamic Obstacle Avoidance

YUKA's advanced 3D visual deep learning, akin to human eyes. It detects and navigates around obstacles within a 1-inch range while mowing. Thoughtfully planning detours based on obstacle size and distance, YUKA ensures a secure environment for children and small animals on your lawn.

Enhanced Safety Design

Equipped with a wide-angle(270°) bumper in the forward and two-side direction to provide additional protection.

Garden Patrol Monitoring

Monitor your yard in real-time and access playback recordings with YUKA's visual module. Take full control of your property for added security and peace of mind.

Care for Your Lawn, Care for the Earth

Lithium-battery Powered YUKA

Contrasting with traditional gas-powered mowers, YUKA runs on lithium battery power, providing a clean and emission-free solution. Besides, our advanced energy management system optimizes YUKA's energy consumption, enhancing overall energy utilization and reducing expenditure.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Cutting Energy Costs

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Cutting Energy Costs

Find Your Ideal Model

YUKA Lawn Sweeping Mower with IF_Reddot Awards
YUKA 1500: 3D Vision Robot Lawn Sweeping Mower Sale priceFrom $1,399.00 Regular price$1,599.00
YUKA Lawn Sweeping Mower with IF_Reddot Awards
YUKA 2000: 3D Vision Robot Lawn Sweeping Mower Sale priceFrom $1,699.00 Regular price$1,899.00
YUKA Lawn Sweeping Mower with IF_Reddot Awards
YUKA 1500: 3D Vision Robot Lawn Sweeping Mower Sale priceFrom $1,399.00 Regular price$1,599.00
YUKA Lawn Sweeping Mower with IF_Reddot Awards
YUKA 2000: 3D Vision Robot Lawn Sweeping Mower Sale priceFrom $1,699.00 Regular price$1,899.00
Max. Mowing Size

1500㎡ (0.37 Acre)

2000㎡ (0.5 Acre)

In-App Area Storage Capacity

1800㎡ (0.45 Acre)

2400㎡ (0.6 Acre)

Max. Multi-zone Management



Positioning & Navigation

3D vision & RTK

3D vision & RTK

Mowing Area Per Hour



Lawn Sweeper Kit

  • Sweeping Bag Capacity: 22L(0.78 cu. ft.)
  • Max.Sweeping Zones: YUKA 1500: 50 Zones / YUKA 2000: 100 Zones
  • Max. Dumping Spots: Up to 100
  • Sweeping Width: 34cm (13.40inch)
  • Installation: Plug and Play in 1 minute
  • Grass Collection & Disposal: Automatic

What's in the Box

Quick Start Guide
YUKA Robot Mower
Power Supply
Extra One Set of Blade
Security Key
Installation Kits
Charging Station
RTK Reference Station
RTK Extension Cable (32.8 ft.)
RTK Power Supply
RTK Ground Mount

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